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Product Quality, Where To Go?

Apr. 17, 2019

Recently, a video of "Mercedes-Benz female car owners crying to defend rights" detonated the network. In the video, the owner cried, and he bought a new Mercedes-Benz in the 4S shop for 660,000 yuan. The car "has not been opened yet" and found that the engine leaked oil. Since then, within 15 days, she has repeatedly communicated with the 4S shop, but was told that she can't refund or change the car. She can only change the engine according to the “three-pack policy”. In this regard, the woman could not accept, but in desperation, she had to sit on the hood of the Mercedes-Benz in the store to discuss.

Speaking of this incident, the new car did not have a 4S shop and there was oil leakage. It is obvious that the quality is not good. Aside from other factors, the "Mercedes-Benz" as the first-line auto brand will have product quality problems. It is hard to imagine being around us. For other product manufacturing, such a problem will never be a probability event!

Take the 22.5*8.25 Aluminum Alloy Wheels industry, nowadays the aluminum ring brand on the market can be said to be dazzling, the product quality is definitely uneven, and as a consumer, the first choice for the intention to buy the aluminum ring is not the brand, not the product quality. It is the first condition to choose the price of the aluminum ring, and it is really strange and difficult to understand.

22.5*8.25 Aluminum Alloy Wheels

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