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22.5*8.25 Aluminum Alloy Wheels, China OEM Machined Finish Wheels

May. 24, 2019

22.5*8.25 Aluminum Alloy Wheels are an important part of the car. The car wheel repair method looks at the rim situation and first cleans the wheel hub.

Cleaning the hub, so that it is easy to check all the scratches, the depth of the scratches, whether the hub is broken, etc. There is no way to repair the cracks, deformations or the completely broken hub of the hub. After cleaning the hub, wipe it with a towel. After cleaning, use a wax paper to clean the wheel.

Step 2: Remove the tires, first remove the tires, release the air pressure of the tires, and squeeze the tires into a flat state. Remove the tires directly from the tires (this will prevent the water from penetrating into the tires during construction).

The third step: painting and oil preparation: according to the original color of the rim to prepare for the color, according to different degrees of damage to choose different types of sandpaper for polishing, we will repaint the wheel. But before painting, we should use the old newspaper to isolate the edge of the wheel and avoid the spray getting on the tire. Put in the equipment 100-120 degrees for 60 minutes to dry, and then polished to matte. If you feel a little hairy, you can continue to sand it to smooth. Cover the rim with a universal masking film, wipe the surface of the China OEM Machined Finish Wheels with a degreaser, dry it with equipment, and wipe off the surface dust with a dusting cloth.

If your hub is not broken and deformed, it can be repaired. After cleaning the hub, wipe it with a towel. After cleaning, use a wax paper to clean the wheel.

22.5*8.25 Aluminum Alloy Wheels

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