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Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Feb. 14, 2020

Aluminum alloy wheels have won the favor of more and more private car owners due to their beautiful appearance, safety and comfort. Now, almost all new models have adopted aluminum alloy wheels, and many owner friends have also replaced the wheels used in the original cars with aluminum alloy wheels.

Alloy wheels are mostly made of aluminum as the basic material, and are appropriately added with metal elements such as manganese, magnesium, chromium, and titanium. Compared with steel wheels, alloy wheels have the characteristics of energy saving, safety, and comfort, so more and more cars have listed alloy wheels as a standard configuration. The following Casting Aluminum Wheels Factory introduces the advantages and characteristics of aluminum alloy wheels.

Three characteristics of alloy wheels:

1. Energy saving

Alloy wheels are light in weight, high in manufacturing accuracy, small in deformation at high speeds, and low inertial resistance, which is beneficial to improving the straight-line driving performance of cars, reducing tire rolling resistance, and thus reducing fuel consumption.

2. Security

The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is three times that of steel, and the heat dissipation effect is very good, thereby enhancing the braking performance, increasing the service life of tires and brake discs, and effectively ensuring the safe driving of the car.

3. Comfort

Cars equipped with Aluminum Alloy Wheels generally use flat tires with better cushioning and shock absorption properties than ordinary tires, which greatly improves the comfort of the car on uneven roads or when driving at high speeds.

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Advantages of aluminum alloy wheels

Aluminum alloy wheels are beautiful and elegant, light and fuel-efficient; aluminum alloys have high expansion and contraction and good elasticity; heat dissipation: aluminum and steel have good thermal conductivity. Good rigidity, good roundness, not suitable for deformation, the wear of each part of the car is small, suitable for high-speed driving; the steel is soft and easy to deform, and four-wheel positioning is useless. At high speed (above 160), the car will obviously vibrate and affect the car life; good elasticity, improve the ride comfort of the vehicle, easier to absorb vibration and noise in motion. However, this kind of wheel hub is slightly less durable. Once it encounters a hard object, the deformation cannot be repaired.

Maintenance method of aluminum alloy wheel:

1. When the temperature of the wheel hub is high, it should be allowed to cool naturally and then cleaned. Do not wash it with cold water. Otherwise, it will damage the aluminum alloy wheel and even deform the brake disc to affect the braking effect. In addition, when the aluminum alloy wheel is cleaned with a detergent at a high temperature, the surface of the wheel hub will react chemically, lose its luster, and affect the appearance.

2. When the wheel hub is stained with hard-to-remove asphalt, if general cleaners do not help, you can try to remove it with a brush, but do not use hard brushes, especially iron brushes, to avoid damaging the wheel surface. Here, we introduce to the private car owners a recipe for removing asphalt, that is, using medicated "active oil" for rubbing can achieve unexpected results.

3. If the area where the vehicle is located is wet or near the seashore, the wheels should be cleaned frequently to avoid salt corrosion on the aluminum surface.

4. After cleaning if necessary, the wheel can be waxed and maintained to make it shine forever.

The above are the advantages and characteristics of aluminum alloy wheels introduced by Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier. Hope to help you.

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