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Solutions For Bubbles Appearing On The Surface Of 7.5*6.75 Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Jan. 23, 2019

The 7.5*6.75 Aluminum Alloy Wheels hub is the most important part of the car, but it wears out with it for a long time, in which the bubble on the surface of the hub is one of the problems, while the aluminum alloy car wheel expert passes the surface of the forged aluminum alloy wheel. Analysis of the cause of the bubble, preparing to find the root cause, and making corresponding measures, the reason for the bubble on the surface of the aluminum alloy hub is as follows

One: the problem of loose gas under the skin of the blank ingot;

Two: the problem of forging die graphite agglomeration;

In order to be able to fundamentally follow up, the maintenance personnel provided relevant scientific basis for the surface bubble problem of the 7.5*6.75 Flow Formed Aluminum Alloy Wheels. After the problem was clarified, the forging process immediately formulated the forging die cleaning system and implemented it. In view of the fact, the reason for the blank ingot is more than 95%, so the focus is on quality research on the blank ingot.

In order to solve the problem of infiltration of the ingot under the skin, the experiment is carried out. In theory, the looseness of the aluminum alloy ingot is divided into gas looseness and loose structure. The former is related to the high hydrogen content of the melt, and the latter is The crystallization conditions are related, so to solve the looseness of the ingot is to first reduce the melt hydrogen content and improve the casting crystallization conditions.

7.5*6.75 Aluminum Alloy Wheels

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