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Can Aluminum Alloy Wheel Scratches Be Repaired?

Dec. 29, 2019

Nowadays, the automotive wheels are mainly aluminum alloy wheels, because many auto repair plants also have unique insights into the repair process of aluminum alloy wheels. Today, Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier will talk about aluminum alloy wheels to everyone.

When driving and parking, friends will inevitably accidentally drag their cars onto the road. If they are unlucky when they are too large, they will also scratch the wheels. In addition, if the tire runs with almost no air, it may cause serious deformation damage to the wheel hub. In this case, be sure to ask a professional at a professional tire shop or repair shop to help inspect it. If it is deformed, replace it in time.

So, need to repair the scratched wheel?

Aluminum Alloy Wheels are mostly scratched because of inadvertent parking and driving and being scratched by roadside flower ponds or road teeth. If it is not repaired in time, it will not only affect the overall appearance of the car, but also seriously cause the wheel hub to be corroded. King pine car wheel repair can help you easily repair the aluminum alloy wheel scratch. From an aesthetic point of view, if a car lover is concerned about this problem, of course, it is necessary to fix it; if the car itself does not care a little bit about the car, then this is not a problem.

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

From a security perspective. Minor scratches will not affect your car safety, but if the scratched area is larger and deeper, it will inevitably affect the rigidity of the wheel hub. It is better to replace the new wheel hub.

If there is a bump, it can’t be repaired. Every wheel has to be heat treated before leaving the factory. The purpose is to enhance the toughness of the hub. If your hub is deformed, you can only heat up the sheet metal. Makes the hub brittle, but there is greater danger.

Repair steps for aluminum alloy wheel scratches: clean the wheel-observe the damage of the wheel-sand the wheel scratches-fill the deeper scratches on the wheel surface with aluminum alloy-spray paint-finally wax. Repair technology of aluminum alloy wheels, how to repair aluminum alloy wheels?

1 If it is a small scratch, it can be polished.

2. If it is a slightly more severe scratch, first apply a metal putty, and then spray-brush treatment, you can almost reach a completely new feel.

3. There are also many shops that provide mirror plating technology, if friends of Aiku can consider it.

The price of wheel repair has a lot to do with the damage of the wheel. The cost of repairing a wheel that is severely damaged is even higher and cannot be repaired. The wheel hub is slightly repaired and damaged. Generally only the surface of the wheel hub needs to be polished and then spray-painted. The price of wheel repair is also related to the model. High-end cars and ordinary cars have different requirements for wheel repair, so the repair price will also be higher. Different regions and different consumption levels will also lead to differences in wheel repair prices.

The above is the introduction of the repair of aluminum alloy wheels introduced by Low Pressure Aluminum Alloy Wheels Manufacturer. Hope to help you.

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