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Casting Aluminum Wheels Factory Introduce You To The Rules For Replacement Of Car Tires

Mar. 25, 2019

Automobile wheel is one of the main products of our company. The company has perfect production equipment, strong technical force, perfect testing means, reliable product quality, warm and thoughtful service, and trustworthy, winning the praise of customers. The following Casting Aluminum Wheels Factory introduce the car to everyone. Tire replacement rules.

1. The height of the tire when changing tires is limited to not more than 20mm. The size of the tire can be replaced within the allowable range. The calculation method is tire height × 2) + tire diameter (mm) = rim diameter Take the 185/65HR14 tires as an example (120.22) +355.6=596mm, so the 185/65HR14 wheel diameter is 596mm. According to the above formula, we know that the height can be changed to 609.2 under the height limit. 195/65R14 tires, if you want to increase the rim, you can use 195/60R15 tires with a diameter of 615mm, because the diameter of the two sets of wheels is within the allowable replacement range of 20mm after the exchange, so Can be replaced with each other, readers can convert themselves.

2. The original 22.5*9.0 Aluminum Alloy Wheels size is sufficient for cost consideration or representative of the size. Therefore, if the power is not improved, the modification should be in the same direction. The original factory itself considered the chassis to withstand. The combination of tire rims, in fact, if it is not too much pressure on the chassis, there will be a lot of positive benefits for the tires of the same size. However, some vehicles have larger output wheels because of the greater strength of the output wheel, and the original factory does not increase the size of the tires for its high horsepower output. At this time, it is possible to consider the modification of the size of the output wheel.

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