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The Direction Of The China Flow Formed Aluminum Alloy Wheels

May. 17, 2019

Whether the China Flow Formed Aluminum Alloy Wheels is installed accurately or not is directly related to the service life and life safety of the car wheel, especially when replacing the heart tire. Wheels with different colors and patterns are different because of the various sizes and loads of each tire. Must not be arbitrarily mixed, in addition, if we can not fully grasp the technical skills of replacing car tires, it is recommended to go to a professional tire repair shop. Or replace it with a special repairer specified by the vehicle. Too low and high tire pressure inside the tire will affect the service life of the tire. If the tire pressure is too low, it is also dangerous. The radial direction is deformed by pressing, and the sidewall is also deformed to cause wear. Increasing the temperature of the inner wall of the wheel linearly will seriously damage the quality of the wheel.

China Flow Formed Aluminum Alloy Wheels

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