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What Are The Conditions Of China Flow Formed Aluminum Alloy Wheels Damage?

Apr. 13, 2019

The China Flow Formed Aluminum Alloy Wheels of the car is also called the rim, which means the part of the wheel center. It is the important part that connects the brake drum (or brake disc), the wheel and the axle. It is fitted with a bearing on the shaft tube or knuckle journal. If the surface of the automobile hub is scratched by accidentally hitting a hard object, the appearance of the hub will be unsightly. Over time, the surface of the damaged portion of the Low Pressure Aluminum Alloy Wheels China is corroded and oxidized, which affects the performance of the hub. If the vehicle is shaking when driving, or there is no problem at low speed, but there is a feeling of vehicle shaking when driving at high speed, it may be that the wheel has a problem. When checking the damage of the hub, separate the hub from the tire, remove the wheel from the body, and remove the tire to see if the tire is deformed, broken, notched, sunken, etc. If there is any problem, repair or replace it at a professional service station.

China Flow Formed Aluminum Alloy Wheels

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