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Advantage Of Customized Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Feb. 14, 2019

1, light weight

Due to the difference in density, an Customized Aluminum Alloy Wheels is about 2 kg lighter than an iron wheel under the same conditions. When disassembling and moving, it is much lighter. When you have a tire change, you will know~

2, fast heat dissipation

During the driving process, tires and ground friction generate heat, and the brake system generates heat. The aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity, which can quickly transfer heat to the air, improve driving safety and increase the life of tire parts.

3, good comfort

Due to the aluminum alloy material, the Ductility Aluminum Alloy Wheels is directly rigid and not easy to be rounded, which can suppress the radial bounce during driving and increase driving comfort.

4, good-looking

The various types of wheels that can be seen on the market today are all made of aluminum alloy. According to different models, we can forge a variety of stylish, dynamic wheels.

Customized Aluminum Alloy Wheels

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