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How to Repair Scratches of Car Aluminum Alloy Wheels?

Jun. 29, 2019

What if the car aluminum alloy wheel has scratches? Customized Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier tells you how to fix it.

Customized Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier

Step 1: Check the scratches. If the scratches are not inside the hub, you can simply fix them.

Step 2: Use a thin rod to clean the stains that are not well removed from the scratches.

Step 3: Carefully apply the adhesive tape around the scar.

Step 4: Apply a modified lacquer and shrink the paint slightly after drying.

Step 5: After painting, it will be dried in a week or so. After drying, apply it on soapy water with water-resistant paper to smooth the surface.

Step 6: After wiping with water-resistant paper, use a mixture to wipe out the light, then apply wax to the hub to make the wheel look more beautiful.

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