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Difference Between Forged Wheels and Cast Wheels

Mar. 09, 2020

In the auto parts market, the manufacture of wheels has been the focus of many businesses. With the efforts of many brands, a variety of wheel manufacturing processes have been tapped. Forging and casting are two of the most popular, so how are these two processes different? Before answering this question, please follow the Low Pressure Aluminum Alloy Wheels Manufacturer to understand what is forging? What is casting again?

Casting Aluminum Wheels

Casting Aluminum Wheels

Generally speaking, forging refers to a method of using a forging machine to apply pressure to metal reeds to cause plastic deformation to obtain forgings with certain mechanical properties, shapes and sizes. And Casting Aluminum Wheels refers to the molten aluminum cast into a sand mold, and after it is cooled and formed, it is manufactured by mechanical processing (deburring, trimming appearance, polishing).

Existing forged wheels in the market can generally be divided into one-piece forged wheels and multi-piece forged wheels, which are different in technology and structure. One-piece type often represents that the entire wheel is integrally formed, which is easy to assemble and easy to operate. The multi-piece type separates the rim and the spokes. The owner can change the spokes to change the shape of the hub, which is difficult to operate. However, whether it is a one-piece or multi-piece forged wheel, there are some common characteristics, that is, it has many characteristics such as light weight, strong heat dissipation, not easy to smash after impact, strong plasticity, etc., and it is loved by consumers.

Next, talk about casting. Casting wheels are mainly divided into three types: gravity manufacturing, low-pressure manufacturing and casting spinning. These three process technologies are completed by molds, especially gravity casting, because the operation is simple, the product is formed quickly, and the cost is low. Low-level factors are loved by domestic small and medium-sized auto parts manufacturers. Taken together, forged wheels are more refined in terms of technology. Although their cost is higher, they are lighter, consume less fuel, and have greater strength, so they are generally used in high-end vehicles.

However, among many wheel brands, many brands will give up because of too many forged wheel manufacturing processes, so there are not many excellent forged wheels on the market, but I heard that there is a brand called widely forged automotive parts in The production of this type of product is quite famous. Consumers who want to try forging wheels can try it. It must be full of "surprises".

It can be said that professional knowledge is to be explained by professionals. If you want to learn more about the manufacturing process of the wheel, and to know more about wheel selection and wheel quality, you may also ask about the Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier of mature experience in this area business, I believe you must have more gains.

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