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What Are The Basic Parameters Of The Wheel?

Aug. 10, 2019

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A wheel hub contains a lot of parameters, and each parameter affects the use of the vehicle, so make sure to confirm these parameters before modifying and maintaining the hub.

Flow Formed Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Flow Formed Aluminum Alloy Wheels

As a Flow Formed Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier, we can share with you the following pints.


The size of the wheel hub is actually the diameter of the wheel hub. We often hear the saying that the 15-inch wheel hub and the 16-inch wheel hub are the same. The 15 and 16-inch wheels refer to the size (diameter) of the hub. Generally, in a car, if the size of the wheel is large and the flatness of the tire is high, it can visually exert a good tension effect, and the stability of the vehicle handling will also increase, but the fuel consumption increases accordingly. Such additional problems.

2. Width

The width of the hub is also known as the J value. The width of the hub directly affects the choice of the tire. For the same size of the tire, the J value is different, and the selected flatness and width of the tire are different.

3.PCD and hole position

The professional name of PCD is called the pitch circle diameter, which refers to the diameter between the fixing bolts in the center of the hub. The general porous position of the hub is 5 bolts and 4 bolts, but the distance of the bolts is different, so we can often listen. To 4X103, 5X114.3, 5X112, the name is 5X114.3, which means that the PCD of this wheel is 114.3mm, and the hole is 5 bolts. PCD is one of the most important parameters when selecting a hub. For safety and stability reasons, it is best to choose the same PCD as the original car for upgrade.


English is Offset, commonly known as ET value, the distance between the wheel bolt fixing surface and the geometric center line (the centerline of the hub cross section) is simply the difference between the center screw seat of the hub and the center point of the entire wheel. It is said that after the wheel modification, it is inwardly retracted or protruded outward. For a typical car, the ET is positive and negative for a few vehicles and some jeep. For example, the offset value of a car is 40. If it is replaced by the wheel of the ET45, it will be visually smaller than the original wheel hub. Of course, the ET value not only affects the visual change, but also has a relationship with the steering characteristics of the vehicle and the angle of the wheel. The excessive offset value may cause the tire to wear abnormally, the bearing is easy to wear, or even impossible. Normal installation (brake system and hub can not rotate normally), and in most cases, the same style of the same brand of wheel will provide different ET values to choose from, the comprehensive factor should be considered before the modification, the most insurance situation is Under the premise of not modifying the brake system, the ET value of the modified wheel hub is the same as the original ET value.

5. Center hole

The center hole is the part that is fixedly connected to the vehicle, that is, the center of the hub and the hub are concentric. The diameter size here affects whether we can ensure that the wheel center can match the geometric center of the hub (although the wheel positioner) The pitch can be converted, but this modification is risky, users should be cautious to try).

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