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Notes On Modifying Flow Formed Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Apr. 01, 2019

At present, automobile manufacturers generally follow the principle of "save what you can and save what you can". So the Flow Formed Aluminum Alloy Wheels of the car generally become one of the original cost savings. For manufacturers, as long as the size of the wheel is appropriate and rigid enough, generally speaking, the original wheel is simple structure, but also relatively simple shape. Although the quality is not a problem, but also can not meet the aesthetic concept of car owners, so the modification of car wheel hub has become a necessary modification option for most car owners. However, although the modified car wheel hub looks good, but if you do not pay attention, there will be safety hazards, replacement of the wheel hub involves relatively more parameters, so the owners of the intention to modify the Low Pressure Aluminum Alloy Wheels had better do enough homework, so as to avoid safety hazards.

The aspects to be noted are: central aperture (CB); Pitch circle diameter (PCD); 3. OFFSET Diameter and width

Flow Formed Aluminum Alloy Wheels

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