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Repair of Flow Forming Wheels Of The Car Which Was Scratched

Mar. 30, 2019

1, Check for bruises. If they are not on the inside of the Flow Forming Wheels, they can be easily repaired.

2, the part with the deepest cut gets rid of smudgy very hard, usable toothpick will clean it thoroughly at this moment.

3, in order to prevent by accident the part that has nothing to do besmear on paint, had better stick adhesive paper in scar carefully around.

4, arrange good brush point, besmear goes up to decorate lacquer, lacquer is dry hind in a way contracts, had better besmear is in a way protruding a few.

5, after painting, it will take about a week to completely dry. After drying, use a waterproof paper dipped in soapy water to smooth the surface.

6, After rubbing with water resistant paper, use the mixture to rub out the shine before waxing. If you encounter deep scars, the key is to observe whether the metal surface is exposed, if you can not see the metal surface will not rust, you can concentrate on the paint modification. Place the tip of the pen on the top and let the paint dry completely. To avoid such a phenomenon, the car in the beginning of the use of the time to wash the Machined Finish Wheels ring, every day to drive the car at least once a week to wash the wheel ring, first with water after the first wet, then with detergent to sponge scrub, and then with a lot of water rinse.

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