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Is The Hub Of A Car Bigger?

Nov. 30, 2019

For a car, the size of the wheel has many effects. For example, the same car, the visual impact of a significantly larger wheel will be stronger, the shape will be more attractive, and many people also use large wheels one of the safety effects is hanging on the mouth, that is, once the tire bursts, the diameter of the large rim with low flat ratio tires will not change much after being flat, and it will not cause the vehicle to suddenly run away and cause danger, then the problem with the big wheels, are there really only advantages and no disadvantages? The following Flow Forming Wheels Supplier will come to explain one by one.

First let's talk about the advantages of large wheels:

1.Driving feeling

The size of the wheel will affect the driving experience of a car, because the size of the entire wheel cannot be changed. Therefore, the larger the hub, the thinner the tire, and the more obvious the road feel. You need to be careful in daily driving, especially when the road conditions are bad.

2. Improved handling performance

With large wheels, the choice of tires must be wider and thinner, that is, the flatness rate is lower, the vehicle is more stable at high speeds, the grip is stronger, and the side width is smaller when the vehicle turns. Replacement will make the car have better visual effects and handling performance.

3 more beautiful

Although it is superficial, I have to admit that about 60% of users upgrade the wheels to look good. Changing to a delicate wheel that is one or two sizes larger than the original one does make the car more beautiful, but this is only aesthetically normal. In some cases, some owners do not understand the matching, such as an old Samp for a sporty wheel, the others did not move, it would not look good, right? So for ordinary car owners, if you want to modify the wheel to improve the appearance, it is best to choose a design that matches the car. If you do n’t understand the choice, you can go to a professional 4S modification shop for consultation.

Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier

Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier

The advantages are finished, let's talk about the disadvantages!

1. Cost increase

In the usual concept, larger-sized wheels and low-flat tires will bring better handling. This is true, but it is based on high costs. In order to control the larger wheels, they must use more advanced technology and materials, and the cost will naturally increase. And when the size is large, such as 19-inch and 20-inch, in addition to the sudden increase in tire prices, you can choose Brand and style are becoming less and less.

2. Quality is not enough

If you want to modify the wheel yourself, you must be careful, not to mention the impact on power, appearance and control after the modification. Now on the market, especially the auto parts city and the Internet, there are many cheap wheels, even three or four hundred. only. This type of wheel not only increases the weight of the vehicle, but also easily breaks if bumped at high speed, which has a great impact on safety. I hope that friends will not replace it at will to save money.

3. Fuel consumption increases

Large rims have an advantage in diameter and the corresponding tread width is also larger. The advantage is that increasing the contact area between the wheel and the road surface can increase the grip and help improve the stability of the vehicle. But the cost is that the friction becomes larger and the fuel consumption will increase to a certain extent.

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of the large alloy wheel analyzed by Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier. After reading this in detail, you should understand whether the larger the wheel, the better. For everyone, the wheel suitable for your car is the best.

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