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Wheel Material Classification

Feb. 18, 2019

Wheels are mainly divided into steel wheels and Low Pressure Aluminum Alloy Wheels according to materials, while light alloy wheels are mainly made of aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy products. In today's automotive market, steel wheels are rare, and most models use aluminum alloy wheels, light alloy wheels.

Aluminum alloy materials used in the manufacture of Flow Forming Wheels include A356, 6061, and the like. Among them, A356 is widely used in cast aluminum wheels. A356 aluminum alloy has the characteristics of small specific gravity and good corrosion resistance. It is mainly composed of metal elements such as aluminum, silicon, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper and titanium. Aluminum accounts for 92%, which is a mature aluminum alloy. material.

Aluminum alloy wheels are more suitable for passenger cars than steel wheels. At present, the manufacturing process can be basically divided into three types. The first one is casting. At present, most automobile manufacturers choose to use the casting process. The second is forging, mostly used in high-end sports cars, high-performance cars and high-end conversion markets. The third type is more special. It is the first MAT spinning technology put into use by Enkei Corporation of Japan. At present, the application of this technology in China is not as good as the first two.

Low Pressure Aluminum Alloy Wheels

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