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ODM Casting Aluminum Wheels Cleaning And Maintenance

Mar. 07, 2019

Like tires, the ODM Casting Aluminum Wheels is also a very important part of the car. The wheel hub, commonly known as the steel ring, is an important part of the wheel. It not only supports the weight of the entire car, but also withstands various forces such as torque during acceleration, torque during braking, lateral force during cornering, and uneven road surface. The impact brought by it. It can be seen by the naked eye. After washing the car, there are still some stains on the wheel hub. You can't get it down. If you ask the car beauty shop about it, they must say: "We have a project to clean the 17.5*6.0 Aluminum Alloy Wheels." Unfortunately, this is not free. From the point of view of saving money, I still recommend that you do your own work.

The effect of the wheel cleaner is very good. Next, try a professional wheel cleaner. Twisting the front nozzle and evenly spraying it on the hub, it can be clearly seen that a lot of stains flow down the cleaning solution during the spraying process.

We have a lot of ways to buy professional wheel cleaners, some methods may be easy to use, but we have not been professionally tested, and the harm that may be caused is not known. The wheel cleaner has been specially researched and tested, and has little effect on the hub. We can use it with confidence. Therefore, when you want to clean the hub, it is recommended not to drum the remedies.

Note: Since the special cleaning agent is corrosive, it is necessary to wear protective gloves during cleaning. Do not clean when the temperature of the hub is too high. Due to thermal expansion and contraction, it is impossible to splash cold water on the hub to avoid tarnishing of the wheel and affecting the appearance. If the hub has damage scratches, it is recommended to repair it in time to avoid the corrosion of the hub, and the corrosion of the wheel will cause the tire to leak.

ODM Casting Aluminum Wheels

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