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Manufacturing Method Of ODM Casting Aluminum Wheels

Feb. 21, 2019

There are three manufacturing methods for ODM Casting Aluminum Wheels: gravity casting, forging, and low-pressure precision casting.

1. Gravity Casting Method The aluminum alloy solution is poured into the mold by gravity, and after forming, it is processed by grinding on a lathe to complete the production. The manufacturing process is relatively simple, does not require a precise casting process, has low cost and high production efficiency, but is easy to generate bubbles (sand eyes), density is not uniform, and surface smoothness is insufficient. Geely has a considerable number of models used in this way to produce the wheels, mainly in the early production models, the new models have been replaced with new wheels.

2. Forging method The whole piece of 22.5*7.5 Aluminum Alloy Wheels is directly extruded on the mold by a thousand tons of press. The advantage is uniform density, smooth and fine surface, thin and light body of the hub, and the highest material strength, which is more than 30% higher than the casting method, but Due to the need for sophisticated production equipment, and the yield is only five to sixty percent, the manufacturing cost is high.

3. Low-pressure precision casting method is precision casting at a low pressure of 0.1Mpa. This casting method has good formability, clear contour, uniform density and smooth surface, which can achieve high strength, light weight, cost control, and yield. More than 90% is the mainstream manufacturing method for high-quality aluminum alloy wheels.

Manufacturing Method Of ODM Casting Aluminum Wheels

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