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Method Of Maintaining OEM Casting Aluminum Wheels During The Rainy Season

May. 14, 2019

1. For the rear OEM Casting Aluminum Wheels slip phenomenon, when the rear half body is slipping, the Michelin tire expert recommends that the owner of the car, no matter which direction the vehicle is slipping, at this time, the steering wheel should be driven in the direction of skidding and remember that you must not brake. May be gentle.

2. When the four wheels are slipping, the owner will feel that the vehicle is rushing forward faster than usual. At this time, let the front wheel find the grip, close the throttle, do not step on the brakes, tap the clutch, all the movements are as gentle as possible. Let the vehicle drive slowly until the slip phenomenon disappears.

3. If the front wheel is slipping, the steering wheel cannot be rotated, and the vehicle will straight forward toward the front until the obstacle is hit. At this point, remember that after the wheel is turned, the steering wheel can be rotated until it returns to normal, and the brakes are repeatedly applied to make the oil path reach the most effective working condition.

OEM Casting Aluminum Wheels

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