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OEM E-coating Wheels Refit Paint Spray Small Coup

Mar. 28, 2019

Tool materials used: degreaser, sandpaper, newspaper


1. First wipe off a layer of oil adhering to the OEM E-coating Wheels of the car with gasoline.

2, use the 600 or 800 sandpaper to polish the surface

3, remove the dust generated by sanding

4, cover the tires with newspapers and tape, so that you can paint the OEM Bright Surface Finished Wheels of the car. Tips: If you love your car, you must use the car-specific paint. The quality of the paint is not enough. If it takes a long time, it will fade and it will fall off the paint. If you have any questions about purchasing a custom rim, please feel free to call and our sales staff is waiting for your help. Custom wheels are available at discounted prices and fast shipping. Is it better than this? We buy custom wheels at a discounted price and we sell custom wheels for fast delivery. Let us help you make your car the coolest car on the road. Remember when buying a custom rim and become the first person in your area to exercise some new custom rims.

OEM E-coating Wheels

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