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The OEM Flow Forming Wheels Of a Modified Car Should Also Be Considered For Braking

Apr. 04, 2019

When we modify the OEM Flow Forming Wheels, we should pay attention to the larger wheel hub, brake and shock absorbers also need to pay attention to adjust. In the modification oh, but also take into account the hub of the modification limit, that is, does not affect the steering wheel control, and walking when the shock absorber and fender will not be collision. The shock absorber can also be modified to increase the modified 22.5*9.0 Aluminum Alloy Wheels limit. Another is the performance of good shock absorber, but also can effectively reduce the ground turbulence, so as to bring fatigue to the chassis. Not only such, effectively strengthen the suspension stability, not only can keep the vehicle ride comfort, also can reduce the vehicle center of gravity of vehicles, vehicle on straight road and turn when more stable, better cooperate with good tyres, in order to gain more good grip ability, so as to give drivers better handling.

OEM Flow Forming Wheels

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