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How To Remove The Rust Of Automotive Aluminum Alloy Wheels?

Nov. 05, 2019

The wheels are made up of wheels and tires that support the weight of the car. The size and width of the aluminum alloy wheel directly affect the size of the tire, and the size of the tire has an important influence on the performance of the vehicle. Aluminum Alloy Wheels have many advantages over steel wheels.

ODM Machined Finish Wheels

ODM Machined Finish Wheels

First, the heat dissipation is good: the heat transfer coefficient of aluminum alloy is three times larger than that of steel. The friction between the tire and the ground and the brake disc and the brake pad during the running of the car will generate a very high heat, which will cause the tire and the brake pad to age and accelerate the wear, and the braking performance will be abruptly attenuated due to the high temperature. There is also a risk of puncture in the tire. Aluminum alloy wheels transmit this heat to the air faster than steel wheels, increasing the safety factor.

Second, light weight: the proportion of aluminum alloy wheels is smaller than that of steel wheels, the average one is about two kilograms lighter than the same size steel wheel, and the total spare wheel can be reduced by eight kilograms; the lighter wheel can also reduce the starting and accelerating time. The resistance, the two work together to make the vehicle more fuel efficient.

Third, the precision is high: the precision of aluminum alloy wheel casting is much higher than that of steel wheel hub, and the roundness and unbalance weight are small; in addition, the aluminum alloy has small elastic modulus and better anti-vibration performance than steel wheel hub. These two can effectively reduce vehicle vibration and make driving more comfortable.

Fourth, more beautiful: aluminum alloy in high temperature liquid state fluidity and tension better than steel wheels, post-polishing and electroplating process to make it more beautiful and changeable appearance; surface anti-corrosion treatment and electrostatic powder coating It also makes it last forever.

Knowing the advantages of aluminum alloy wheels, you may choose this kind of wheel. I think everyone knows that the rust of the wheel does not mean that the wheel really rusts, but because the car is in a humid environment for a long time, plus the car. If you use it for a long time, you will definitely bump it. The surface of the wheel will inevitably be scratched. What about the rust of the aluminum alloy wheel? Look at the most detailed explanations with the Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier.

First, the wheel small rust treatment method:

Wheel small rust treatment method:

If the rust is not very serious, you can use a very fine water sandpaper to gently rub the rust spots, completely wipe them, and apply a primer to ensure that the rust will not enlarge or increase. If it is a new scratch, it can be cleaned and applied directly to the primer. The general vehicle is equipped with a small can of original paint. Although this kind of processing is not very good-looking, it is not a big problem.

Second, the correct opening method of the wheel rust treatment:

The above is a small rust, I used to polish and spray the primer, but this method can not solve the problem fundamentally, and the primer that I sprayed will not be used for a long time, and it will be corrected when I look at it. . In fact, the most correct way to open is to repair the wheel hub without any rust, even if there is no rust, so as to avoid the rust corrosion caused by the wheel hub encountering the cleaning agent. After all, if the wheel rust corrosion is too serious, if the aluminum alloy material is damaged, the wheel will be scrapped. Therefore, if there are scratches, gaps, etc. in the wheel hub of everyone, it is necessary to find a professional wheel repair shop in time to repair.

How to remove the rust of automotive aluminum alloy wheels? Do you know if the rust is not very serious, you can use a very fine water sandpaper to gently rub the rust spots, completely wipe it, and apply a primer to ensure that the rust will not enlarge or increase. Be sure to remember.

The above is the solution to the rust of aluminum alloy wheels, I hope to help everyone. In addition, we are an ODM Machined Finish Wheels Wholesaler. If you have any needs, you can contact us and welcome you.

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