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How to Repair Aluminum Alloy Wheels after Deformation?

Jul. 02, 2019

The popularity of Aluminum Alloy Wheels has also promoted the development of wheel repair technology in the automotive after-service industry. The deformation of the hub is mostly caused by the strong external force of the wheel caused by the driver's driving accident. Today we will talk about how to repair aluminum alloy wheels after deformation? Follow us Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier to study the following points.

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Before the deformation of the aluminum alloy wheel hub is repaired, the wheel hub should be deformed and tested. According to the degree of deformation, it can be repaired. If it can be repaired, it is necessary to determine the repair plan. The deformation can detect the method, and the deformed position of the hub is installed in a self-made furniture manufacturer, and the deformation position is used to calibrate using the meter.

Next, it is necessary to locally heat the deformation position of the hub. When the temperature reaches a certain temperature, the hub becomes soft, and a special tool is used for minor correction processing until the reasonable standard for the wheel repair is reached.

Finally, the surface of the hub is processed. Because the hub will be black after the hub is heated, it should be repaired according to the original process of the hub, such as baking paint, drawing, etc.!

After the surface treatment of the hub is completed, the process of repairing the deformation of the hub is completed. However, it should be noted that the aluminum alloy wheel itself has poor resistance to metal fatigue. If it is severely deformed and then forced to recover, even if the appearance seems to return to its original state, the actual internal metal structure of the hub has changed, affecting the hub.

Therefore, the repair of the aluminum alloy wheel hub is only used for the slight deformation repair of the wheel hub. It is recommended to replace the wheel hub for severe deformation. After all, the wheel hub carries the driving safety!

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