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Why Can't Car Spare Tires Be Used For A Long Time?

Jul. 27, 2019

Car spare tires can be said to be a very common thing, so why can't car spare tires be used for a long time?

ODM Casting Aluminum Wheels Supplier today shares with you the reason.

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Machined Finish Wheels

Machined Finish Wheels

Based on the main role of the spare tire of the car, we can see that, first of all, it is used for emergency.

In the market, the spare tires can be classified into two types according to their classification: full-size spare tires and non-full-size spare tires.

Why can't full-size tires be used for a long time?

First of all, for "full-size tires"; although its specifications are exactly the same as those of the original tires, there may be no problem in installation and use in emergency situations, but for long-term use, we need to consider it as a spare tire for the car because most of the time is idle. Some problems with the tire itself (such as whether there is aging, tire pressure is normal), need to be tested before use;

In addition, since the tires are used together after all, as a spare tire, the degree of wear is certainly different from that of other tires, and the difference in wear and tear has a bad influence on driving. 

Therefore, whether it can be used directly, we need to check according to the actual situation before we can make a conclusion.

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