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The Advantages Of Aluminum Alloy Wheels Are Obvious

Jan. 11, 2020

As of now, there are nearly 1.2 billion cars in the world, and the problems of energy consumption and pollutant emissions caused by cars are becoming increasingly prominent. Low emissions and low fuel consumption have become indispensable needs for the long-term development of a conservation-oriented society. Car lightweight is the key technology to achieve this goal.

The wheel hub is one of the most important safety parts in a car, and its weight reduction is imperative. The density of aluminum alloy is low, the quality of aluminum alloy wheel is small, and its lightweight advantage is obvious. There are many types and structures of Aluminum Alloy Wheels. The requirements for aluminum alloy wheels vary by car type and model, but high strength, high precision, and light weight are the most basic requirements for them. In addition, aluminum alloy wheels must also meet the following requirements:

1. The material, shape and size of aluminum alloy wheels are correct and reasonable, which can give full play to the functions of the tire, interchange with the tire, and have international universality.

2. When driving, the longitudinal and lateral vibration of the aluminum alloy wheel is small, the misalignment and moment of inertia are small, and the aluminum alloy wheel has good separability with the shaft and tire, and the durability is good. The manufacturing process of aluminum alloy wheels must meet the requirements of stable product quality, low cost, multiple varieties, and large-scale production.

3. Under the premise of lightweight aluminum alloy wheels, it must have sufficient strength, stiffness and dynamic stability.

After the car uses aluminum alloy wheels, the weight of the car is reduced first. The strength of the aluminum alloy wheels can fully meet the requirements for the use of automobile wheels. It can even be made very thin. On the basis of ensuring safety, the wheels look more beautiful. Personality is more technological. An oxide film can be formed on the surface of the aluminum alloy. This layer of oxide film protects the wheel hub from being subject to corrosion. Furthermore, before the aluminum alloy wheel leaves the factory, the Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier will also perform some surface treatment on it. Further enhance the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy wheels. In addition, after various types of surface treatments are performed on aluminum alloy wheels, the surface color of aluminum alloy wheels is more eye-catching, and the style and appearance of steel alloy wheels are much more prominent, which is very attractive to consumers.

Customized Machined Finish Wheels

Customized Machined Finish Wheels

Aluminum alloy wheels adopt different surface treatment processes according to different requirements of the product. Among them, the most widely used are painted wheels, shiny wheels, Customized Machined Finish Wheels, electroplated wheels, etc.

1. Analysis of painting process of aluminum wheel

1) Low-end products

Pre-treatment-metal varnishing-overcoat varnishing.

2) Mid-range products

Pre-treatment-base powder coating-metallic paint coating-overcoat paint coating.

3) High-end products

Pre-treatment-base powder coating-metallic paint coating-matte paint coating-bright powder coating.

2.Mechanized conveying method

Internationally popular aluminum wheel conveying methods generally use two types, namely: ordinary suspension conveyors and ordinary annular floor conveyors. When reprinting is needed in the middle, a large number of robots are used, and small batches are manual.

3. Process layout characteristics

Like the vehicle body painting line, the aluminum wheel painting line also adopts a regional approach to ensure the different cleanliness required in each area of the painting workshop. Generally, the paint spraying room and powder spraying room should be arranged in the same area, the drying room should be arranged in the same area, and the drying room should adopt the multi-stroke drying method. The aluminum wheel coating workshop arranged in this way is beneficial to production organization, management, and line-to-line transfer.

Surface treatment technology is an important part of the coating technology. Throughout the process, a variety of fine chemical products such as cleaning agents, surface modifiers, phosphating agents, passivating agents and oxidants need to be selected.

These chemical products have complex composition and large performance differences. If they are not used properly or the bath fluids are not well controlled and managed during use, they will adversely affect the coating quality.

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