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What Is The Difference Between Aluminum Alloy Wheels And Iron Wheels?

Dec. 25, 2019

For Japanese car companies, friends who often know about cars also know that their Japanese car brands occupy a large portion of the global automotive field, and their advanced car technology is also well known. However, a friend who has carefully studied it is not difficult to find that most of the cars sold locally in Japan use steel wheels, but the same models in China use aluminum alloy wheels. If you look closely at the Japanese cars in the Chinese auto market, there are basically many aluminum alloy wheels, so why treat them like this separately? In response to this problem, the Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier will give everyone a confusion next.

Commonly used materials for automobile wheels are steel wheels and aluminum alloy wheels. The value of aluminum alloy wheels is indeed higher than that of steel wheels. In addition to appearance, are there any other differences between steel wheels and aluminum alloy wheels? If it is not for the sake of face and face, is it necessary to replace steel wheels with aluminum alloy wheels? Let me talk about the wheel today.

First, the face value

The aluminum alloy wheels have better plasticity and precision. The wheels have better performance, are not easily deformed, and can be more beautiful and more diverse in production. In addition to style, you can create a variety of colors. The steel wheels have a single shape and are not rich in color. It looks relatively cheap visually. If the road conditions are not satisfactory, it will easily deform.

For the owner, the personality of the car is the personality of the owner. Because of the variety, styles, and colors of aluminum alloy wheels, they are loved by many owners. Not only is it better than steel visually, it is also better in terms of plasticity.

Second, weight

Due to the different materials, the density of aluminum alloy is smaller than that of steel wheels, so aluminum alloy wheels are usually lighter than steel wheels. Reducing the weight of the vehicle can not only reduce fuel consumption, but also shorten the braking distance when braking. At the same time, due to the weight reduction, the speed increase is faster than steel wheels. Due to the reduced weight, it will also be more comfortable than steel wheels.

Third, thermal conductivity

In the case of traffic jams, the thermal conductivity between steel wheels and aluminum alloy wheels is difficult to reflect. If you want to compare the thermal conductivity of the wheel hub, it can only be clearly manifested by long downhill slopes, or long-term high-speed driving. Aluminum Alloy Wheels have better thermal conductivity than steel wheels. Due to the relatively poor thermal conductivity of steel wheels, if the brake is applied for a long time, the braking effect will be greatly reduced. Regardless of thermal conductivity or ventilation performance, aluminum alloy wheels are better than special wheels, because aluminum alloy wheels can have more ventilation space.

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Fourth, repairability

In terms of repairability, aluminum alloy wheels are slightly inferior to steel wheels. Steel wheels can be repaired even if they are deformed by impact. However, if the aluminum alloy wheel encounters a slight violent impact, it will directly break and fall off, and the final result is irreparable. So I know that off-road vehicles look so high-end, but still use steel wheels, which is why.

In fact, both aluminum alloy and steel wheels have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, whether it needs to be replaced or should be different from person to person, the above is the introduction of Flow Forming Wheels Supplier.

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