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The Difference between Aluminum Alloy Wheels and Steel Wheels

Jan. 20, 2020

Many people do not know where the advantages of aluminum alloy wheels over traditional wheels are, so today Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier simply sorted out the advantages of aluminum alloy wheels for your reference.

The first is fuel economy. On average, each aluminum alloy wheel is 2kg lighter than a steel wheel of the same size, and the car can save 8kg by modifying 4 wheels. And according to related experiments, it is pointed out that for every 1 kg of weight reduction in a five-seater car, about 20L of gasoline can be saved in one year. Although aluminum alloy wheels are more expensive than ordinary steel wheels, the fuel cost saved when the car reaches 20,000 km is enough to offset the cost.

The second is to increase the life of the engine. According to the graph of engine load and power, when the load increases to a certain degree, the power will decrease. If the wheel load increases by 1 unit, the engine will be more difficult, and the engine load will be reduced, which will naturally decrease. Failures and extended life.

The third point is that the heat dissipation is better. The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is three times that of steel. The heat dissipation effect is relatively good. When driving at high speed for long distances, the tires can be maintained at an appropriate temperature, so that the brake drum and tires can delay aging, increase life and reduce the chance of flat tires.

The fourth is that the roundness is better. The accuracy of Aluminum Alloy Wheels is as high as 0.05mm, and the running balance is good, which is helpful to eliminate the phenomenon of overlength of the body and steering wheel shake.

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Fifth, it is sturdy and durable. The impact strength and tensile strength of aluminum alloy wheels are higher than those of steel wheels. Therefore, aluminum alloys have also been used in the defense industry and aviation industry.

The sixth point is aesthetics. Steel wheels are monotonous and lack of change due to production constraints. Aluminum alloy wheels have various appearance designs, which enhances the value and aesthetics of the car.

Then as more and more friends like car modification, more people start to try to modify their beloved cars by themselves. In the early stage of modification, the goal is almost always to focus on wheel modification and appearance painting. All major modification shops will look at it. With this in mind, a big deal is made, and bad businesses use fake wheels to deceive consumers, so car fans must also learn how to identify the authenticity of the wheels.

Don't think that the difference between real and fake wheels is not big. The wheel can be said to be one of the most important safety parts when the car is modified. Irregular forces caused by dynamic loads from different directions, such as bumps and bumps, and imitation wheels are not reliable in the manufacturing process at first, and the strength is far from sufficient, which brings a huge hidden danger to driving safety.

The method of identifying authenticity is actually very simple. The first is to look at the workmanship. Generally, the workmanship of high-counterfeit wheels is very rough, because the mold accuracy of counterfeit wheels is not high, and the edges and corners of all wheels will have burrs. The original wheels are sprayed with the same color on the inside and outside, and the fake high-imitation wheels have a great color difference between the inside and the outside due to the cost problem. There is also the price. Anyway, car modification is cheap and not good. Be careful about the pie in the sky.

The above is the difference between aluminum alloy wheels and steel wheels introduced by Low Pressure Aluminum Alloy Wheels Manufacturer. Hope to help everyone.

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