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The Difference Between Iron Wheels And Aluminum Wheels

Jan. 10, 2020

Nowadays, many car owners ask questions about wheels. Many of them do not know what is the relationship and difference between iron wheels and aluminum wheels. In order to answer questions that plague many car owners, Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier specifically talked about iron wheels and aluminum wheels.

1.Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of materials

In fact, aluminum wheels actually contain other metals, such as iron, which should be called aluminum alloy wheels. Compared with conventional aluminum alloy wheels, ordinary wheels have good toughness and poor hardness. On the contrary, alloy wheels have good hardness but poor toughness. Due to the manufacturing process and materials, iron wheels are not stable at high speeds, while aluminum alloy wheels have good stability at high speeds, and they have better acceleration and heat dissipation.

Therefore, we will find that the appearance of the iron wheel has not changed after being damaged by the road cavity, but when the speed is close to 100mph, the iron ring will start to shake, mainly because the iron ring is stamped and the mass balance weight is Uniform, so it will inevitably cause rotation when speeding up. This phenomenon does not occur with aluminum alloy wheels, because aluminum alloy wheels are forged at low pressure, and the turning of the inner hole and the blank needs to be detected. The shape and mass balance weight are both more accurate and average. The aluminum ring is also lighter and can be made thicker than the iron ring, which also improves the acceleration performance of the car. In addition, the aluminum ring's heat dissipation ability is better than Tekken, which will also add points to the braking performance.

2. Compare the pros and cons in actual use

Although the overall performance of Aluminum Alloy Wheels is superior to iron wheels, its cost is relatively high, and it costs thousands of yuan to make a set of ordinary aluminum alloy wheels. In addition, the maintenance of aluminum alloy wheels is more troublesome than that of iron wheels. For example, if you accidentally drive, it is easy to hit the aluminum alloy wheels. Once damaged, it can only be replaced by aluminum alloy wheels, which is difficult to restore and maintain.

Iron wheels are fitted with plastic wheel covers. There are many beautiful wheel covers on the market today. If matched properly, it can also achieve the same effect as aluminum alloy wheels. The hubcaps of many cars are not inferior to aluminum alloy wheels in appearance, but the modification cost is very low.

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

The above is the difference between iron wheels and aluminum wheels. So which kind of wheel is better? According to ODM Flow Forming Wheels Manufacturer's years of industry experience and feedback from many automotive forums, car owners still prefer aluminum alloy wheels. The reasons are as follows:

1. Improved driving comfort. Aluminum alloy wheels have the metal characteristics of vibration absorption and rebound, and are integrally formed. In addition, CNC machine tools have the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, high roundness, small deflection and runout, and good balance.

2. Drive normally and save fuel. Due to the weight of the replaced aluminum alloy hub (compared with the steel hub of the same size), the inertia of the four wheels is reduced, the acceleration of the car is increased, and the energy required for braking is relatively reduced, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

3. Improve driving safety. It is not uncommon for high-speed cars to suffer from puncture braking due to high-temperature friction with the ground of the tires, resulting in reduced braking performance. The temperature coefficient of aluminum alloy wheels is two to three times that of ordinary iron wheels. Together with the structural characteristics of the heat of alloy wheels, the braking system is dissipated in the air. The wheel system maintains the proper temperature even if the brake is continuously driven for a long time under the circumstances. Only reducing the braking system and aging of the wheels can reduce the chance of flat tires and improve driving safety.

4. Improve the appearance of the vehicle. Refitting a set of aluminum alloy wheels is beautiful, fuel-efficient, reduces the chance of flat tires, and is very suitable for high temperature summer use.

The above is that we have explained the differences between iron wheels and aluminum wheels for the owners from a professional perspective. As to which one is better, like most owners' choices, I hope to help everyone.

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