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Do You Know How Dangerous The Tires Are Lack Of Gas?

Jul. 31, 2019

For the car, everyone recognizes that the engine is very important, in fact, the tire is also very important. Just like people who want to walk thousands of miles must pay attention to the maintenance of the foot, wearing shoes that fit. It is very dangerous if there is a tire failure such as a puncture on the road. Today Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier tells you how dangerous the tires are lack of gas.

Tire pressure is too high and too dangerous.

For the daily use of tires, pay attention to the tire pressure problem. Maintaining a normal tire pressure is a guarantee of vehicle comfort and driving safety.

According to the fixed thinking, many people think that the puncture must be caused by too much tire pressure, too much or too much air, and that the under-pressure problem of the tire is not big, which is very one-sided.

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

If the tire pressure is too high and exceeds the normal value, the tire will be too hard to lose its proper elasticity and shock absorption capacity. Not only will the grip deteriorate, but the excessive wear of the central tread will result in uneven depth of the tread, and the contact area with the ground will be reduced. The coefficient is reduced, causing the vehicle to skid, bump, and puncture, endangering driving safety.

When the tire pressure is lower than the normal value, the tire becomes soft, the deformation increases, the contact area between the tire and the road surface increases, and the friction coefficient increases exponentially, causing the tire temperature to rise sharply. If the vehicle is driving at high speed, the heat will quickly gather together, and the inside of the tire will begin to separate and delaminate, eventually causing a puncture.

Therefore, if the tire pressure is too high or too low, there is a risk of puncture. The standard air pressure of the tire, including the spare tire pressure, should be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements. The measurement of the tire pressure can be measured by the tire pressure gauge itself, but it must be measured at the normal temperature of the tire because the measurement result in the hot tire state is inaccurate.

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