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How Do You Match Tires And Wheels?

Jul. 24, 2019

The cars are directly pulled back from the 4S shop, when you change the tires, everyone is also in accordance with the existing tire model, but your wheel corresponds to more than one tire, do you know? Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier shares with you the methods to match them.

Casting Aluminum Wheels

Casting Aluminum Wheels

How wide the wheel can be equipped with a wide tire, a large factor depends on the flatness ratio of the tire. If the width of the hub is not changed, but the flatness ratio of the tire is larger, the corresponding one can be equipped with a wider size.

1. Each tire has a range with the rim.

2. To take a point between the range values, affecting the handling and quality of the road (comfort), taking the intermediate value is of course both (but both are a little worse). Choosing a narrower frame will affect the handling, and choosing a wider frame will affect comfort. Taking 195/55R15 as an example, the available frame width is between 5.5-7, so 5.5 is the lower limit. Take an intermediate value between about 6 and 6.5. A little bit of the eye can also be found in the Yokohama table. The lower the flatness ratio, the higher the frame width requirement.

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