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What If The Car Wheel Is Scratched?

Nov. 23, 2019

I believe that many car owners buy a car with a certain factor that is bought at the wheel of a certain model or a certain configuration of the wheel. But the wheel scraping is a headache for many car owners. Many obstacles on the road can invisibly scratch our wheels. It is very heart-wrenching. For example, reversing, one does not pay attention, may scrape the wheel, many people Choose to go to the 4S shop for repair, but it is very expensive. In fact, the wheel and the car paint can be repaired, and the process of repairing the wheel is very simple. Today, the Flow Forming Wheels Supplier will teach you a few tricks, not much nonsense, straight into the theme!

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

1. First clean the wheel

First, the hub should be cleaned, so that it is easy to check all the scratches, the depth of the scratches, whether the hub is broken, etc., such as cracks on the surface of the hub, deformation or the completely broken hub, no matter whether it is an Aluminum Alloy Wheels or a steel wheel, there is no way to repair it. Before repairing, be sure to clean the wheel hub first, so that the subsequent painting will have better effect. After cleaning the wheel hub, remember to wipe it with a towel. After cleaning, use the degreasing and waxing paper to turn the wheel. The oil on the surface is wiped off, leaving oil to make the paint effect greatly reduced! There is also the removal of the wheel when you clean, you can also clean the iron scraps and stones on the lower wheel, so as to avoid secondary scratching during subsequent use. After cleaning the hub, wipe it with a towel. After cleaning, use a wax paper to clean the wheel.

2. Fill the scratches. Since the wheel is scratched, its scratches are very "hairy", because the wheel is scratched in a very rough place, so it must be smoothed with fine sandpaper. First, sand the surface with water sandpaper, polish it until it is smooth, then apply the ash evenly. It can be applied in multiple times, and the application time is 5-10 minutes, so that the putty can be fully dried. If you feel a little hairy, you can continue to sand it to smooth.

3. Then evenly apply the wheel putty, can be applied in multiple times, each application interval of ten minutes to ensure that the atomic ash is dry.

4. Spray paint oil maintenance. Finally, the more serious injury is to paint the wheel hub. Before painting, you can cover the parts that you don't want to paint (such as tires) with paper, so that the wheel spray will not get into the tire. When spraying, it should be sprayed several times, and each time it is sprayed less, there will be no enamel paint, so that the spray paint will be more uniform. After spraying the paint and then lighting the oil, the wheel of the car will become bright as new, or we can polish the wheel with car wax once.

The above is the remedy shared by the Casting Aluminum Wheels supplier about the wheel being scratched. Although these methods can not make the wheel 100% beautiful, but basically can be corrected, and most importantly, can save you a lot of money.

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