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What Is A Low-pressure Wheel?

Dec. 13, 2019

Low-pressure wheels are named after the casting process. This process is suitable for large-scale production. Because of the high success rate of finished products, most automobile manufacturers specify this process. The wheel hub is a cylindrical metal part that supports the tire with the shaft as the center in the car tire. Generally speaking, it is the part where the axle is installed at the center of the wheel.

When many riders upgrade the tires, they often ignore the importance attached to the wheels. If you compare a car to a person, the tires are the shoes, and the wheels are the feet. Wheel hubs are also called rims. The most common way to upgrade car rims is to switch to Aluminum Alloy Wheels, or use enlarged rims to improve car performance and appearance.

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

According to different manufacturing methods, the wheels are mainly divided into two categories: casting and forging. Casting is divided into two types: gravity casting and low-pressure casting. Forged wheels can be divided into two types: one-piece forged wheels and multi-piece forged wheels. Below, Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier and everyone will introduce the two manufacturing methods of wheels in detail.

1. Gravity casting

Gravity casting is the process of pouring liquid alloy into a mold to cool it. Due to the simple manufacturing process and durable mold, it has become the lowest cost manufacturing method. But the quality is also not very good, because the parts of the hub are not necessarily evenly distributed, and the molecular pores in the metal are larger, and the strength is greatly reduced.

2. Low pressure casting

In low pressure casting, the liquid alloy is pressed into the mold with less pressure, so that the distribution of molecules is even, and there are fewer sand holes, and the shape can be more complicated and delicate. While ensuring the density of the metal liquid, the strength of the metal after solidification is also guaranteed. The low-pressure casting process is all completed by machinery, and the casting yield is high, which is very suitable for large-scale production. Currently, Casting Aluminum Wheels designated by automobile manufacturers are produced by this process.

3. One-piece forging

One-piece wheel hub is the whole wheel. It can be divided into two processes during forging, forming forging (die forging) and milling forging. After forming and forging is the forging, the shape of the wheel hub has been basically formed. Milling and forging is to buy ready-made forged wheels The blank is then milled by a CNC machining center to produce the wheel shape. The one-piece hub is light in weight, can be made the lightest, has good dynamic balance, good reliability, and has no hidden dangers of air leakage, but the shape is relatively single.

4.Multi-piece forging

Multi-piece forged wheel hub, consisting of two parts: rim and spoke. The rim part of the three-piece forged hub is composed of two parts: the front piece and the rear piece, so the three-piece hub is composed of the front piece, the rear piece and the spokes. Multi-piece rim parts can be shared, so changing the shape can only change the center plate, and it can match the spokes and rims of different sizes, so the shape is more. However, the weight is heavier, the dynamic balance is not as good, and the assembly requirements are also higher.

The above are some of the manufacturing methods of automobile wheels, I hope to help everyone.

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