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Oct. 29, 2019

First I will talk about the screw structure of the hub. The hub is to be mounted on the car and needs to be mounted to the hub that extends from the brake disc. Different manufacturers use different hubs for different types of vehicles. Common ones have 4 nails, 5 nails and 6 nails. Most RV sports cars use 4 nails and 5 nails, while the Jeep uses 6 nails. If you have a personality, you can also Customized Aluminum Alloy Wheels, and the distance between the nail and the nail is different. Currently widely used are: 4x100, 4x114.3, 5x100, 5x114.3, 5x120, etc., they are one of the necessary data on the alloy wheel.

The number in front is the number of nails, and the number behind is the distance between the nail and the nail.

Flow Forming Wheels

Flow Forming Wheels

The method of the upper hub screw is known to many people, but some people are not sure, so the Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier is here to talk about it. Whether it is tightening or loosening the wheel screws, there is a special order. This order is to ensure that the wheels are tightly locked in the car. The specific principle is to understand once.

The size and width of the hub is a very important set of data. The larger the size, the thinner the tire should be, because the circumference of the tire should be kept as much as possible, otherwise the speedometer will be biased. The specific conversion formula has posts in the forum, and friends who need it can search in the forum. The thinner the tire, the more obvious the feeling of the road surface. The wider the wheel, the wider the tire can be loaded, although it will increase fuel consumption, but the larger the grounding area, the more stable the grip, and the friend who considers the performance of the car should reasonably replace the wider tire.

The wheel hub is cast and forged in two ways. Casting is a relatively primitive method, and the wheels made are heavy and inferior. However, the cost is cheap, so some manufacturers are still using it. Most of the forged wheels belong to the race/street, which is beautiful in appearance, light in weight, high in strength and evenly distributed.

The forged rim is also divided into multiple layers of forging and single layer forging. The single layer is generally lighter, while the multiple layers are more durable and more versatile.

Generally, the multi-layer forging is a deep dish type with screws around it. There are also a lot of fakes on the market, and it looks like a multi-layer forging, which is actually a fake screw screwed on it. As long as you turn over and see if there is stratification on the reverse side, you can distinguish it.

When buying a rim, pay attention to the axle part. Since the shape and size of the different wheel axle parts are different, some of the holes in the middle of the wheel are relatively small, so that it cannot be installed. If you encounter such a situation, find a gasket can also be solved.

Taboo for changing the hub:

1, is to use too large a wheel. A lot of people think that the wheel hub just needs to be installed without touching the outer sheet metal. In fact, the wheel is removed and the structure inside is carefully taken. There are many places that are very easy to get stuck. Especially after the car is opened, the shock absorber will be on the bumpy road. Instant compression. Therefore, if you change the big wheel hub, you should use it properly, and you can't just ask for the beauty and finally get the car. Also pay attention to the width of the rim.

2. The brake calipers are stuck to the rim. Because of the safety problems that are currently being produced, the large brake calipers are often used, and the 4pot calipers are much larger than the single pot. In such cases, the rim is not enough for the offset and the design is not suitable, and it is often easy to get stuck in the brake caliper. Fortunately, this situation is easy to find, once you put on the wheel and there is a friction sound, just change it.

3, That is the width of the tire. When you run, you should carefully observe the friction caused by friction on the inside and outside of the tire. Too wide tires are also easily caught by some parts.

The above is the knowledge about the wheel hub. If you have any needs in the wheel hub, you can contact us. We are a professional Flow Forming Wheels Supplier, we can certainly meet your needs, welcome to bring you to buy.

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