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Why Do Car Wheels Oxidize?

Feb. 04, 2020

Automobile wheels are an important part of automobiles. We often drive cars in our daily life. Sometimes we don’t know what is going on and we find that the wheels have become black and yellow. This is because the wheels have oxidized. This may have a great hidden danger to driving. The hub surface is scratched and easily oxidized and corroded from the inside. If it is possible to use some corrosive chemicals, the protective layer of the wheel is damaged. So how should we deal with wheel oxidation? Today, Aluminum Alloy Wheels Supplier will introduce the reasons for car wheel oxidation.


1. The surface is scratched by a hard object. At this time, the air can directly contact the aluminum and oxidize at the injured part first, and in the future use, it will gradually spread to the surrounding area and oxidize.

2. Wheel oxidation is often caused by corrosive chemical products.

Generally, after washing the car, the car wash shop will brush the tires for free. After brushing, the oil and surface will be brighter. But once this kind of thing is brushed, it will corrode the tires and wheels, and even affect the performance of the tires, making the wheels yellow and oxidized. So when you see that they are brushing for free tire wax, be sure to stop immediately. When the surface is scratched by a hard object, the air can directly contact the aluminum, first oxidize at the damaged part, and then gradually diffuse to the surrounding area when it is used later. Wheel oxidation is often caused by corrosion of corrosive chemical products.

 Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

So how should we solve the wheel oxidation? First, use a bucket of water to clean the surface of the wheel hub with clean water. Secondly, use a toilet cleaner to dilute the dirt on the surface with black hair and yellow hair. Scrap the edges and corners with a used toothbrush. The black and yellow dirt is completely removed; then the wheels are wiped with a wet sponge, so the startup process will remove most of the remaining brake dust and dirt to prevent the scrubbing surface from scratching the wheel; remove the dust and debris from the store and buy clean Aluminum Alloy Wheels to avoid Acidic detergent; mix an appropriate amount of water and detergent in the bucket, and immerse the sponge in the bucket of cleaning agent and water, and then squeeze the sponge bucket to avoid wasting the detergent.


In life, we must always pay attention to small problems in all aspects of the car, in case there is a mistake that affects our affairs, and we should solve it in time after we find the problem, just in case. Today's introduction of the OEM Flow Forming Wheels Manufacturer is here, so do you know the reason for automotive wheel oxidation?

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